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Winter Tips For Using A Hot Tub

by | Mar 9, 2023

Winter hot tubs offer many benefits, including relaxing heat and relief from cold joints and muscles. The benefits of having an outdoor spa include being able to spend time outdoors with friends and family without having to bundle up!

During the winter months, your outdoor hot tub experience can change. Check out these tips for making your experience more enjoyable and energy-efficient!


A Good Cover

Investing in a proper cover will help ensure that no heat is lost through the “roof” of your tub — even in the coldest climates. Ideally, your cover should be 3-5 inches thick and made of high-quality material, to help maintain the desired water temperature.

When setting the temperature in winter, we recommend keeping it between 36 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius. Even in the winter, you can keep your hot tub at the temperature you like with a good hot tub cover, which eliminates the cost of re-heating. Not only will this save you money on future energy bills, but it is better for our planet.


Using The Jets & Water Features

When it comes to jets, be conservative. Unless you are trapping heat in the cabinet, your hot tub jets are likely blowing cool air into the water. This can lower the temperature of your spa. To keep your hot tub warmer, either


invest in a hot tub that has a Hybrid Heating Solution where ambient heat from the pump penetrates the spa shell and heats the water



use your jets less often in the winter!

Regular Maintenance

As the temperature drops outside, it may become more inconvenient to maintain your hot tub. Be sure to keep the water and filters clean as per your regular cleaning schedule.


Be Prepared

Have you ever had a hot bath and gotten out and felt cold immediately afterward? That feeling is exacerbated when that snow has fallen! Having a cozy and thick bathrobe to hop into after your hot soak will keep you from getting those chills.

Winter Tips For Using A Hot Tub

Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis

Consider creating a warmer more inviting space with heat lamps and towel warmers.

Pro tip: Enhance your experience even further with lighting! On those cold dark nights, a lighting package will provide you with the perfect ambiance to entertain you and your family for hours!


Energy Efficient Tubs

Improve your energy efficiency by purchasing a high-quality energy efficient tub! If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a hot tub, most newer models come with energy-efficient pumps and heaters and are made of high-quality materials. Be sure you purchase your new spa from a reputable company that has durable, built-to-last products. This will save you costs on maintenance, as well as help you remain sustainable. A well-built tub that has proper insulation will cost about $1 a day in terms of electricity use!

After learning how to make your winter spa experience more enjoyable and what to look for when purchasing a new tub, we hope you’re well on your way.