Western Red Cedar

Noble, Natural, and Strong

Nature’s Perfect Building Material

Sustainable, durable, and always awe-inspiring


Celebrate the beauty of Western Red Cedar with our finely engineered, sustainably sourced, spa cabinetry. Crafted from the world’s only renewable building material while being designed to last a lifetime, this cedar’s beauty and strength empowers you to realize the creative vision for your spa.

We know that first impressions matter, which is why Arctic Spas® makes ours with the brilliant reds and auburns of this kiln-dried, furniture-grade, wood. We make certain our cedar is always inspected, ensuring the absence of knots and impurities while providing you with the highest quality exterior build.

Not only is this cabinetry temperature, humidity, and pest resistant, it also offers an eco-conscious and sustainable way to prolong your spa’s life. Western Red Cedar easily provides your hot tub or All-Weather Pool with a strong base to prevent any sagging, shifting, or misalignment.

Complete with up to eight inset access doors and finished with three coats of protective wood treatment, your cabinet not only protects your hot tub, but also displays the brilliance of nature’s noble building materials.